Fresh Brewed

The KitchenAid Coffee Collection Global Campaign

Strategy / Film / Media / Social / Influencers



To Launch their range of high-end coffee products to the masses, KitchenAid challenged us to design a campaign raising awareness and credibility among a global audience with a range of coffee tastes.

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We began with an educational campaign covering print, digital and POS collateral, that dove deep into the process of crafting an exceptional cup of coffee no matter where on the flavor spectrum your tastes fall. Serving as a roadmap guide to your perfect cup, these materials allowed you to pinpoint the right brewing process for your taste, and the details behind the KitchenAid Coffee Collection that can make your morning cup sing. 


We then traveled to five countries across three continents, profiling a diverse array of captivating artisans to showcase how amazing coffee fuels their unique lifestyles. While each takes and makes their coffee a different way, all have a unique point of view that allows them to highlight different product features and benefits, from the design and materials to the simply flavorful results. We launched the campaign with a hero film that combines each product and personality, then rolled out each deep dive profile.


At the foundation of a great coffee experience is a fresh, consistent grind at the perfect size for your chosen brewing method. We crafted a special piece to showcase the unparalleled KitchenAid Burr Grinder as the anchor of the Coffee Collection.