cross trek to comic-con

The road to Comic-con

Development / Production / Digital / Broadcast


Subaru wanted to tap into the phenomenon of the annual Comic-Con Expo in San Diego, but wanted to do something more than just a commercial.

Screenshot 2017-04-15 19.22.24.png

We created a four part narrative comedy series that told the story of four super fans on their way to Comic-Con and the attractive young hitchhiker they picked up along the way.

Each story segment was developed to be told during the span of a 60 second commercial and designed to leave the viewer wanting more. Features of the car were seamlessly incorporated into the storyline without overt callouts in order to keep a narrative feel and the story authentic.

The series aired on all of NBC Universal's networks for the month leading up to Comic-Con. To extend the life of the project, we combined the spots to create a short film version that was presented at Comic-Con and had all of the real fanboys laughing out loud.

Screenshot 2017-04-15 19.22.24.png